Snow Rail with S5 Roof Clamps includes a one pipe single rail snow system used with the s 5 clamp and is an alternative to the S-5 DualGard Pipe Snow Rail System

Roof Type

  • Any standing seam roof that works with the S-5 Mini clamp series
  • Some single rail systems utilize a single standard clamp such as the S-5-U, S-5-S, S-5-E and other standard clamps that have two top attachment points
Snow Rail with S5 Roof Clamps includes the S-5 DualGard Pipe Snow Rail System is a two one inch pipe snow rail system for metal roofs

S-5!® DualGard™

S-5!® has recently announced the arrival of the DualGard™. Features of the DualGard™ include the following:
  • 2 pipe snow rail system
  • Requires 2 mini roof clamps
  • Fulfills snow retention spec requirements called out by architects
  • Adds a unique aesthetics to the roofs as it can be color matched to the roof color
  • Tested more than any other rail system to keep rooftop snow loads from sliding off the roof
  • Will not void roof warranty
  • Use it on almost any type of metal roof
To add to the strength and integrity of the DualGard™ Sno Shield has modified their snow rail deck mounts to attach to S-5! standard and mini roof clamps. DualGard is a two pipe system. For those projects that require a single pipe or triple pipe system but want to use the high quality integrity and strength of S-5! roof clamp series, Sno Shield has a solution.

S-5!® / Sno Shield ™ Single, Double & Triple Snow Rail Systems

We have modified slightly our Deck Mount snow rail series to attach to the S-5 roof clamps. A variety of standard S-5! clamps have two holes on top. This makes it possible to attach a single rail system to most standing seam roofs using only one roof clamp instead of two mini clamps.
  • This will allow the customer to purchase less clamps
  • Less rail components will need to be powder coated

These two factors alone will any customer quite a bit of money. Single rail standard clamps include the S-5-U, S-5-S, S-5-V, S-5-E and any other roof clamp with two top attachment points.

In most cases customers are likely to use the DualGard™ for double pipe systems, but a the Sno Shield Double Deck mount is available to all customers and it maintains the same qualities as the DualGard™.

The S-5 / Sno Shield triple rail snow retention system will require two to three mini clamps depending on the strength needed in the snow rail system.

  • Power coat all single, double and triple snow rail to color match roof
  • Using the S-5! roof clamp series attach a single, double and triple rail system to almost any standing seam metal roof.
  • 1″ pipe, end caps, collars, snow flags (snow clips), roof clamps  and deck mounts provided with each system