Snow Rail, 2 Bar snow guard, pipe style snow guard, two bar snow guard, bolt down snow fence, snow fence for roofs

A deck mount rail system, is bolted down into the roof using lag bolts or self-tapping lag bolts – Purchase painted or plain (steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel)

Clamp-on Snow Rail for metal roofs, non penetrating snow fence for metal roofs

A clamp-on snow rail system pinches the panel seam using nuts, bolts and washers, making a secure attachment – Purchase painted or plain (steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel)

custom snow rail, batten roof, snow bar

A custom rail system – We can customize a clamp or deck mount to form around a standing seam profile – Powder coated to color match the roof – Made to Order

S5 Snow Rail Systems - Single or Double Pipe Snow Rail Systems

Snow retention snow rail that can be attached to almost any standing seam roof

Color Option for Snow Guards and Snow Rail

Standard and custom colors available. For a preview of possible custom colors visit

Snow Rail Systems Offered by Sno Shield Inc.

Large quantity discounts available & FREE SHIPPING on most orders. Sno Shield offers single & double pipe style snow guards for metal, shingle, slate & other roof types. Using the versatility of the S-5!® clamp, install a one or two pipe snow rail system can on most types of standing seam metal roofs; as well as, other single and double pipe snow rail systems. We offer single, double & triple snow rail systems that bolt down into metal & shingle roofs or attach the deck mount to a metal base plate & used on slate roofs. Snow rail systems for snow retention are stronger than individual snow guards & look better on the roof.

What are snow retention snow rail systems?

Snow Rail is a continuous pipe-style snow guard. Instead of the snow being held back by individual snow guards, a single, double or triple bar snow rail runs across the entire length of roof.

Why use a snow rail system for snow retention?

Use snow rail systems to prevent rooftop avalanches. The reality is, a rooftop avalanche can happen on any type of roof. Meaning, when a blanket of snow is sitting on the roof one of several things are bound to happen. The snow melts and nothing happens. A rooftop avalanche damages gutters, cars, ground HVAC units and/or landscaping. The rooftop avalanche hurts or kills someone, or the snow barricades a doorway or garage.

s5 snow rail system