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SS Snow Guard Color Armor

/SS Snow Guard Color Armor
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 snow guard color armor, pad style snow stop, clamp on snow stop


  • Color Armor
  • Snow Guard

Accessories NOT Included

  • Applicable to Panel Guard
    • Sealant
    • Roofing screws

About Snow Guard Color Armor

  • Snow guard color armor combines the decorative appeal of metal with the strength and functionality of polycarbonate
  • Perfectly matches the roof material, texture, and color
  • Lasts the entire life of the roof
  • Ages the same as the roof for a permanent match
  • Snap-on attachment
  • Will not rust, streak, or stain the roof

Snow Guard Color Armor™ is our patent-pending snow guard cover that is made from the exact same material as the roof. It allows you to cover a functional polycarbonate snow guard with an attractive outer shell that perfectly matches the roof material, texture, and color. Color Armor weathers at the same rate as the roof which provides a perfect match forever. This exclusive technology gives you the ability to take advantage of the benefits of both styles of snow guards. This product combined with the polycarbonate base of either the Rib Guard or Panel Guard gives you all the strength, size, and functionality that you look for in a snow guard. Snow Guard Color Armor is an easy snap-on metal cover to give the roof a striking look that will last for the life of the roof. Color Armor™ can be made from virtually any metal roofing material and in any color. .

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Installation Instructions
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