S-5-U Clamp by S-5 for most standing seam metal roofs

Roof Type

  • Fits most standing seam metal roofs
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal


  • Aluminum Roof Clamp
  • Stainless Steel Setscrews

Example Panel Profile(s)

S-5-U clamp for most standing seam metal roofs, Used for Roof Snow Systems, Snow Guard, ColorGard

Oval-Point Setscrews

With the S-5-U clamp, oval-point setscrews were developed. With over 30 years in the roofing industry, Rob Haddock knows how damaging cup-point setscrews can be to a standing seam metal roof. Cup-point setscrews: peel paint, expose the bare steel of the metal roof and cause premature rusting, that could potential void a roof warranty. The Metal Building Manufactures Association (MBMA) has expressed, “Any attendant setscrews that secure the clamp to the seam should have a rounded point (not cup point) so that gouging, or breaching of the metallic coating is avoided” (Metal Roofing Systems Design Manual; Second Edition; Copyright 2012; Section 7.7.1 Fasteners). That being said, oval-point setscrews will still cause a slight dimple in the seam of the roof. The S-5-U clamp and the other S-5!® roof clamps have been strategically designed to do this as to create a mechanical lock as to increase the holding power of the clamps

Features Unique to the S-5-U Clamp

  • The S-5-U clamp is the most popular and most versatile roof clip
    • a.k.a. a universal clamp
  • Used on 85% of the standing seam profiles manufactured in North America
  • Used on vertically oriented seam
  • Used on most horizontal 2” seam profiles by rotating the clamp 90 degrees
    • For horizontal seams under 0.65”, do not use this clamp
  • Some panels may need to be modified before using the S-5-U clamp.
  • S-5-U clamp is most commonly used to install ColorGard® and X-Gard™
  • The S-5-U clamp mini can be used with the S-5-PV (UL) Kit and the EdgeGrab™ to install solar panels on a metal roof
    • The S-5-U clamp MINI is NOT used when installing S-5! snow retention products. ONLY use standard S-5 clamps.

The S-5-U Clamp os the most versatile roof clamp of all the S-5!® clamp series. Being the first roof clamp, and most successful, developed by S-5!® founder Rob Haddock; the S-5-U clamp is meant to be user friendly. It can be used by almost anyone for almost any project that requires an object to be attached to a standing seam metal roof or wall fascia.

Rob Haddock developed the S-5-U clamp with these things in mind.

  1. People are always trying to attach something to a metal roof. This would include: HVAC equipment, screen and piping, walkways, plumbing vents, satellite dishes, snow retention systems, solar collectors, advertising signage, fall-protection systems, etc. Solution: the S-5-U clamp
  2. Despite what needs to installed on a metal roof, roof penetration should be avoided whenever possible. Solution: the S-5-U clamp
  3. Instead of the seams of a metal roof being a convenient way to connect metal panels to each other, why not have it be a place to attach an anchoring mechanism. Solution: the S-5-U clamp
  4. Clamps should be made from non-corrosive metals. Aluminum and stainless steel are compatible with every metal except copper. In that case a brass roof clamp has been developed. Solution: the S-5-U clamp
  5. A roof clamp should form to the profile and seam folding. The S-5-U clamp has been very successful over the last twenty years, but without the rest of the S-5! clamp family only a fraction of metal roofs could be serviced with such a revolutionary invention. Solution: the S-5-U clamp

(Haddock, Rob. “Metal Roofing from A to Z – Part VII.” Pgs. 41-42)