S-5-S Clamp for Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Roof Type

  • Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels with snap-together profiles
    • Snap-Lok
    • 90 Mechanical Seam
    • Single-Lok
  • The finished seam must:
    • Be at least 1″ high
    • Have a height distance less than or equal to 0.25″ between the male portion of the panel and the female portion of the panel


  • Aluminum Roof Clamp
  • Stainless Steel Setscrews

Example Panel Profile(s)

Features Unique to the S-5-S Clamp

  • The S-5-S clamp is used on snap-together standing seam profiles
  • Used to avoid the crimping of seams on the following profiles:
    • Firestone
    • UC4
    • New Tech Machinery SS550 and SS675
  • Accommodates horizontal seams where the horizontal projection is under 0.54”
  • On many standing seam profiles the S-5-S clamp can be used instead of the S-5-U clamp
    • Is a cheaper metal roof clamp than the S-5-U
  • The S-5-S clamp mini can be used with the S-5-PV (UL) Kit and the EdgeGrab™ to install solar panels on a metal roof
    • The S-5-S clamp MINI is NOT used when installing S-5! snow retention products. ONLY use standard S-5 clamps.

The S-5-S Clamp by S5! ® is one of our most popular roof clamps. Along with the other S-5! standard clamps, it can be used to instal ColorGard ® or X-Gard ™. ColorGard is an effective snow roof system that can be used on almost any roof. X-Gard is the same except its purpose is to be a snow roof system for solar panels. One S-5-S Clamp is required per seam (or every other seam according to S-5! recommendations) while one to two S-5-S clamps would be needed to instal X-Gard™ on a roof.

Applicable applications for the S-5-S clamp mini include the installation of signs, walkways, solar racking, satellite dishes, antennas, HVAC units and other rooftop mechanical equipment, rooftop lighting, lightning protection systems, solar arrays, exhaust stack bracing, conduit, condensate lines and more.

The S-5-S clamp mini uses one set screw verses the two used in the standard clamp, and it is a little bit shorter than the S-5-S clamp.