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  • Aluminum snow retention for solar panels
  • One- or two- pipe system
  • Install on standing seam metal roofs using S-5! standard clamps
  • Superior holding strength
    • Provides better holding strength than individual cleats
  • Can be powder coated to match roof color
  • Can be retrofitted to existing roofs
  • Can be incorporated into new construction designs
  • Spans up to 48”
  • X-Gard™ calculator coming soon
s-5 roof mounting products, s5 versagard, s5 one- two- pipe snow guard system


  • Compatible with trapezoidal & exposed-fastened panel profiles
  • Mount on the flat of the panel, directly into the supporting structure of the roof
  • No roof surface preparation
  • Factory applied butyl sealant to the bottom of the mount prevents leaks from occurring where the roof is penetrated by the screws
  • Is tested for load-to-failure results on wood decking, metal and wood perlins
  • 6 holes are provided on the mount but as little as two can be utilized
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SnoRail™ & SnoFence™

  • Available in aluminum or brass
  • Available in a 1 or 2 bar system
  • Parts and pieces include:
    • S-5-ASF, S-5-AE, S-5-BSF & S-5-BE
    • SnoPost™, SnoPost E™ SnoPost™ B, SnoPost BE™
    • SnoRod™ (aluminum or stainless steel), SnoRod™ B
    • SnoRod™ Coupling (aluminum or brass)
    • SnoClip™
s-5 roof mounting products, s5 utility mounts, s5 utility attachments standing seam metal roofs

Utility Attachment Mounts

Theses mounts allow are used in correlation with the Dual Grip Strut to install things such as cabling, equipment screens, stack/flue bracing, lightning protections systems, roof walkways, gas piping, banners, signs, light fixtures, antennas, HVAC equipment, condensate lines, fascias, electrical conduit and any other conceivable utility application.

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WindClamp™ DL & WindClamp™UD

Wind clamps are reduce the treat of wind uplift threatening to tear a metal roof from its mounting.

  • WindClamp™ DL and WindClamp™ UD
    • Increase wind resistance
    • Helps prevent roof mounting failure

Other S-5! Roof Mounting Products

Note that the Utility Attachment Mounts are S-5 roof mounting products that include the following accessories:

  • Dual Grip Strut
  • S-5-EF for double-fold standing seam panel profiles
  • S-5-USF for snap-together and machine-folded seams
  • S-5-ZF for bulb-shap panel profiles
  • S-5-FA
    • This is simply a flange piece that can be used with any S-5! mini clamp to accommodate for the seam profiles the S-5-EF, S-5-USF & the S-5-ZF will not attach to.