About Pad Style Snow Guards

Pad style snow guards are used on roofs when a clamp-on snow guard cannot be used. Pad style snow guards are easily attached to an asphalt shingle roof, slate, wood shake or corrugated roof using SureBond 190, roofing screws or peel and stick tape. Polycarbonate (plastic used on airplane windows) and metal snow guards are offered plain or in a variety of colors to match the color of the roof.

pad style snow guards snow stop attached with adhesive

Panel Guards are often used, when a clamp on snow guard will not attach to the panel seam of the roof.

mini pad style snow guards snow stop attached with adhesive

Sno Shield’s SS Minis are small pad-style snow retention devices used in light snow load areas.

pad style snow guard metal color armor

Color Armor allows you to cover a functional polycarbonate snow guard with an attractive outer shell that perfectly matches the roof material, color and/or texture.

Pad style snow guards, snow stop ink injected

Colored polycarbonate snow guards to match the roof color. Product only available in quantities 500 pcs or more

snow defender 4500, snow guard, metal snow stop, Pad style snow guard snow

Stainless Steel snow guards installed using roofing screws. An EPDM rubber washer is attached to the bottom to seal where the screws penetrate the roof.