HotSeam Roof Ice Melt System, melt icicles on roof edge and seam, keep snow ice melt from refreezing

Roof Type

  • Metal Roofs
  • Shingle Roofs


  • HotSeam™
  • Heat Cable (UL)
  • Commercial-grade adhesive
  • Padded Loop Clamps
  • Roof Clamps

HotSeam Roof Ice Melt System

The HotSeam roof ice melt system provides a non-penetrating seam clamp and a padded cable loop assembly that securely attaches horizontal heat cable runs to most raised seam roofs or eased seam flashings. HotSeam relies on a patent pending one-piece design engineered to easily attach to existing raised seams on standing seam metal roofs. A three-sided raceway securely compresses a single commercial grade self regulating heat trace cable in place for direct heat transfer to existing metal roof panels.

For non-metal roofs, optional raise seam flashing products are used in valleys or next to vertical walls to provide raised seam attachment points. The standard female raised seam flashing provides a 1″ raised seam and is about 5″ wide. It will slide under an adjacent shingle. It can be trimmed at the job site to minimize interference with existing nail or screw fasteners. It can be attached like normal flashing with nails or screws and sealed with roofer’s caulk. For metal roof surfaces, special glue is available from the factory.

For shingles or dimensional roofs optional male and female raised seam flashings are used to create a double sided raised seam. If a double run of heat cable is wanted or deemed necessary, the use of both the male and female flashing are required. The male raised seam flashing interlocks with the female flashing and slides under the shingles on the other side of the valley.

Note: In all cases the heat cable needs to be held down by the HotSeam roof ice melt system cover and the heat cable must be in contact with a lower metal surface formed by the flashing. HotEdge or HotDrip is recommended for the complete system.

Warning: Low cost, constant current heat cable must not be used. Only safety agency UL Listed, self-regulating ice and snow heat cable for structures that is provided with the system can be used.