deice system on roof edge, melt icicles, prevent ice dam

Common Features Among HotEdge® Roof Heat Tape Systems

  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listed in the USA for safety and compliance
  • Compliant with Article 426 of the National Electric Code (NEC)
  • A “Green Solution”
    • Most roof heat tape systems use 50% less cable than other alternatives
  • Electrical requirements includes: 120VAC or 208-277VAC. NEC Article 426.28 requires 30mA ground fault circuit protection for roof ice melting system
  • Heat trace cable is protected from UV light and snow and ice shifts and slides
  • .021” Copper, 24 ga Kynar 500 Steel or .032 Aluminum Kynar 500
  • 12-watt commercial grade, self regulating heat cable
  • Installed with commercial grade adhesive
    • Allows a better transfer of heat from the cable to the metal drip edge.
    • Minimizes the possibility of an air gap between the heat cable and the existing metal drip edge
  • Heated gutter and down spout is required for most applications
  • Colors available to match existing roof or trim
  • Keeps snow melt water from refreezing until it is drained away from the structure foundation
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Be used on new or existing roofs
  • Single self regulating heat trace cable
    • Cable will use twice the amount of energy when in direct contact with snow and ice compared to open, free air.
  • Allows snow and ice to slide off the roof
  • No modifications required to an existing metal roof for installation
  • No penetration to roof deck
  • No roof clips required

What sets HotEdge® apart form other roof heat tape systems?

  • System only requires one heat trace cable
  • Triple sided angulate raceway that compresses heat cable to metal cover maximizing the amount of usable heat.
  • Cost at least 30% less than other heat tape systems
  • More effective than other roof systems
  • Less expensive maintenance or repairs
  • Use 7 different systems on almost any type of roof
  • Heat systems not only for the roof edge but for the gutters and drain pipe

Why use a HotEdge® roof heat tape system in conjunction with a snow retention system?

Sno Shield Inc. has teamed up with HotEdge LLC. to provide the best solution for protection against ice dams and the release of snow accumulation from rooftops. It is the best solution because, a snow retention systems keep snowfall build-up on a roof, and a HotEdge® heat tape systems prevent ice dams. Businesses and homes are kept icicle free while gutters remain intact, people are safe, and the landscaping retains its beauty.

A Little About HotEdge®

HotEdge® “provide[s] energy efficient, low cost, simple, and effective roof ice melt systems for residential and commercial roof structures on a global basis.” They are the only company that have roof heat tape systems that are UL Listed certified. Meaning that all of their roof heat tape systems are compliant with National Electric Code (NEC) standards.

They make roof heat tape systems meant to prevent ice dams on the roof edge, roof valley, gutters and downspouts of homes and commercial buildings. Other names roof heat tape systems are: heat cable, heat tape, heat wire, hot wires, heated silicone panels, aluminum metal tracks, deicing cable, roof heat cable and ice melt cable.

About Ice Dams

Ice dams generally from when heat escapes the home through the roof. When this happens, the under layer of snow on the roof is heats up, and it melts causing water run down the roof. Once this snow melt water comes in contact with the cold outside air or with the cold metal gutters it refreezes, creating icicles. Overtime as the ice grows an ice dam forms; meaning, the ice grows too large for the snow melt water to run over. A pool of water then sits behind the ice dam. If left unattended, the water can cause premature roof failure or costly roof leak repairs like:

  • Water damage to walls
  • Water damage to ceilings
  • Stain the ceiling finish
  • Water damage to insulation

Ice dams are most likely to occur in the following  roof locations:

  • Roof edge
  • Roof valley
  • Gutters
  • Downspouts

Ice Dam Prevention Solutions

In the ice dam prevention industry, four main types of roof heat tape systems are used:

  • HotEdge Rail ™
  • Extruded metal designs (Heated silicon panels)
  • Mesh mats (Aluminum Metal Tracks)
  • Zig zag pattern

The first three are more effective than the last. The first one is more energy efficient than the last three. Short term solutions to Ice Dams include:

  • High-pressure steam machines
  • Calcium chloride
  • Shoveling or raking your roof
  • Insulation your attic
  • Plug-and-play heat trace

While these are useful in the moment, it is best to use a certified roof heat tape system. Use the Energy Saver Calculator to enter the details about your expected daily use of HotRail ™ will cost you.