custom snow rail snow fence, batten roof, snow bar

Roof Type

  • Made custom to fit any roof profile
Roof Snow System


  • Custom snow rail snow fence clamp or mount
  • 1″ OD pipe (tubing)
    • 8′ or 10′ lengths
    • 8′ lengths are recommended for small jobs to reduce shipping costs
  • Pipe collars
  • End caps
  • Couplers
    • Splices two pipes seamlessly
  • 2 Carriage Bolts , 2 washers, 2 nuts per clamp or lag bolts for deck mount

Accessories NOT Included

  • Sealant is needed to seal the roof penetrations made by the lag bolts
    • DuraSil is available upon request
  • Snow (ice) flags

About Custom Snow Rail Snow Fence

  • Custom snow rail snow fence to fit any roof profile
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Mill finish or powder coated
  • Acts as a barricade against falling snow and ice from metal roofs
  • Helps protect gutters, HVAC units, people, cars, and the landscaping below
  • Allows for snow and ice to melt in smaller non-threatening chunks
  • Reduces the risk of avalanches off of metal roofs

Sno Shield makes it easy to find the right snow mount for your roof. We use a laser cutter to make our roof mounts. That being said, we can customize a roof mount for almost any type of  roof. Customers who have used Sno Shield’s specialized roof clamps have all the safety and security that our standard roof clamps provide; while at the same time, our custom snow rail snow fence systems enhance the look of their residential or commercial building.

Installation Video – Coming Soon