snow guard metal color armor, clamp-on snow stops with metal cover armor


Color Armor allows you to cover a functional polycarbonate snow guard with an attractive outer shell that perfectly matches the roof material, color and/or texture.

Clamp-on snow stops, snow guard for standing seam metal roofs


The Rib Guard clamp-on snow guard is used to attach to a standing seam metal roof 1″ to 2″ tall. Fits best on seams 1/4″ wide, but it can be modified to fit seams up to 7/16″ wide.

Clamp-on snow guards, clamp-on snow stop, snow stop ink injected


Colored polycarbonate snow guards to match the roof color. Product only available in quantities 500 pcs or more

snow defender 6500, clamp-on snow guard, clamp-on snow stop, ice break standing seam metal roof, Clamp on snow guard


Stainless Steel snow guards designed to clamp onto standing seam metal roofs without penetrating it. It will fit over standing seams up to 1 1/2″ H and 7/16″ W.

About Clamp-on Snow Stops


Clamp-on snow stops are a non-penetrating snow stop put on standing seam metal roofs. They use stainless steel setscrews to clamp onto the roof seam; in addition, they will not void the roof warranty. We have two types of clamp-on snow stops: the Rib Guard or the Snow Defender 6500. Both are quality snow guards which keep snow and ice from coming off a roof and  hurting people or damaging ground HVAC units, gutters, adjacent buildings, cars and landscaping below.

Rooftop avalanches are quite common on standing seam roofs. When the warm air from inside the house heats the roof, it melts the under layer of snow on the roof creating a slide effect. In a moment, a metal rooftop covered in snow and ice is gone. As metal roofs become more common, incidents related to falling snow and ice from roof tops are becoming more frequent and snow stops are a necessity.

That being said, the best way to protect against costly insurance claims or property damage is to put up a snow retention system before the snow falls. The most common complaint we get is, “The snow ripped my gutter off. Now I have to replace my gutters and pay for snow guards. I should have bought snow guards in the first place.” Sometimes gutters have been are ripped off three or four times before a customer finally decides to invest in a snow retention system. DO NOT WAIT! Install clamp-on snow stops now. Prevent car and gutter damage, front door / garage door snow barricades or any other possible scenario that could happens to you.