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Sno Clamp Information

Sno Clamp Required
Sno Guard 1Sno Guard 2Panel GuardPanel Guard Peel and StickSS MiniSS Mini Peel and Stick

Number of Rib Guard 1's Needed

Number of Rib Guard 2's Needed

Number of Panel Guard's Needed

Number of Panel Guard Peel and Stick's Needed

Number of SS Mini's Needed

Number of SS Mini Peel and Stick's Needed

Type of Material

SteelStainless Steel

Additional Information

Panel Manufacturer

Panel Model

Panel Guage

Rib Spacing in Inches

Seam Height

Seam Width

Roof Slope (Pitch)

Roof Width in Feet

Roof Width in Feet

Color Armor

For multiple roof sections, please provide the necessary information below accordingly:

Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7
Roof Slope (Pitch)
Roof Width in Feet (A)
Roof Length in Feet (B)

Are there upper roofs that dump onto lower roofs?

Are there drifting conditions experienced or expected on this roof?

Is there anything we need to know about your roof?

Architects, homeowners and roofers are responsible for factors such as anticipated snow load, roof lope and orientation, roof construction and the area to be protected. They are also responsible for deciding if Sno Shield's snow guards are appropriate for their home or building.

Please consult with a roofing professional in your area when using snow guard products.

Please draw the dimensions of the seam for which the clamp would need to be made. Please specify the dimensions you would need for a modified deck mount. Please attach your drawing below: