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Metal Roof Snow Guards

Snow Guards for Metal Roofing

We offer the industry’s most versatile line of metal roof snow guards. Our snow guards for metal roofing are functional, adaptable, and attractive. So whether you’re looking for polycarbonate or metal snow guards, clear or colored, or if you are in need of snow retention that attaches to the metal roof with adhesives, mechanically with screws, or that clamp to the standing seam rib of your roof – we’ve got you covered.

Snow Guards for Roofers

Snow Guards for Roofers

Sno Shield snow guards and snow retention products are loved by roofers everywhere. All of our snow retention products were designed by roofers for roofers…

Snow Guards for Architects

Snow Guards for Architects

As an architect you want your buildings to have style while meeting the functional needs of your clients. Utilize our snow stops with our patented color armor to achieve both…

Snow Guards for Home Owners

Snow Guards for Home Owners

Many of our products are very simple to install and any do-it-yourself home owner with a little bit of coaching can get the job done. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask…

See why Sno Shield surpasses the competition!

The Rib GuardSno Shield Rib Guard

If you need snow guards for metal roofing, the Rib Guard is an excellent option from our snow retention systems product line. The Rib Guard is made from virgin grade, UV-stabilized polycarbonate. It offers a similar attractive design and the same broad span as The Panel Guard but adds the ability to attach to the ribs of standing seam metal roofs. The Rib Guard utilizes the strength of two structural cleats designed into the product itself against the opposing force of two stainless steel set screws that pinch the snow guard to the rib without penetrating the panel. This method of attachment is ideal when potential leaks and warranty violations need to be avoided.

The Panel GuardPanel Guard Metal Roof Snow Guards

If you need clear polycarbonate snow guards for metal roofing that can be attached adhesively or mechanically, our Panel Guard is a first-class snow retention product. The Panel Guard is made of durable, transparent, UV-stabilized, polycarbonate. It features an attractive design that will enhance the beauty of any roof, a broad span for greater snow stopping ability, and a Sure Grip base that increases its ability to bond to the roof. The Panel Guard is available for all types of roofs including metal, slate, shingles, and shakes.

The SS MiniSno Shield Mini Snow Guard

The SS Mini is our snow retention product for lighter snow loads and hard to fit panels with a lower profile and smaller base than our other plastic snow stops. These contain all of the same engineering strength that the larger Panel Guard has, but are more flexible for those odd jobs. The SS Mini has a sure grip base that its ability to bond to the roof. It is also available with a peel and stick base. The SS Mini is available for all types of roofs including metal, slate, shingles, and shakes.

Color ArmorSno Shield Color Armor

If you want snow retention that matches or compliments your metal roof and provides a striking look, you can add Color Armor™ to our Rib Guard and Panel Guard snow guards. Color Armor™ is our patent-pending snow guard cover that can be made from virtually any metal roofing material and in any color for a perfect match. It is applied over the polycarbonate base in one easy step using our exclusive snap-on system.

The Metal Mini

The SS Metal Mini Bracket is a small version of our signature Sno Shield triangle shaped snow guards. It is adapted to utilize roof straps for various roof applications. It can be attached as an adhesive mount/peel and stick, mechanically fastened, or using bent hook for slate and tile.

Simply choose the style of snow guard that will work best for your roof and call us to place your order directly. If you’re not sure which product you need, take a look at our summary of attachment methods. For your convenience it lists the advantages and disadvantages of each attachment method. If you’re not sure how many snow guards you need, call us for a free customized layout and quote.

You may be interested in our snow rails.

The Deck Mount Snow Raildeck mounted snow rails for metal roofs

The Deck Mount Snow Rail, also known as pipe snow guards or pipe style snow retention, is a continuous system in which one can use a single, double or triple railing (pipe) to hold back the snow and ice from avalanching off a roof system. Our deck mounted snow rails accommodate most roofing applications.

If you have any questions about any of our snow retention products, please contact us for personal assistance.

Please check back often as we are continually adding new snow retention products and features to our website.