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Spring time is on its way

Well, Spring Time is on its way.  I know those of you in the East aren’t feeling the love yet, but it’s on its way none the less.  Spring Time means that it’s time to put those “to do lists” in the fore front.  I know some of you now realize you need snow guards [...]

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Snow! Snow! Snow!

Wow, I think there were a few kids praying for a White Christmas this year.  If you live in the Mid West you know what I’m talking about.  Every now and then Mother Nature likes to remind us of the upper hand she has on us.  For those of you that have protected your homes [...]

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Can I Install Snow Guards in the Winter Months?

Anyone who has installed snow guards in winter months knows it can be a frustrating adventure.  Not only do you have to worry about the working conditions, good snow guard adhesives need 30 days above 50 degrees to cure properly.  If you have the opportunity to use clamp on snow guards then you should do [...]

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A common roofing blunder

Not accounting for roof snow guards is usually one of the most common errors people make when installing a metal roof or re-roofing a home or business.  If you live in a snow or ice zone, be sure your property is protected by Sno Shield Snow Guards.    Sno Shield Snow Guards are specifically designed [...]

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Sno Shield is now blogging about snow guards

Well it's official. We have entered the world of blogging.  Here is a little information about us and our product. We at Sno Shield are the inventors of the Sno Shield line of products.  Sno Shield's line of products include snow guards for metal roofs and rib guards.  A rib guard is basically a snap on snow shield [...]

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