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Cheap Snow Guards

Home owners and roofers are all searching for cheap snow guards these days.  If this is how you found our article, you need to be careful about how you define the word cheap.  Typically when searching for something cheap, customers are looking for something that costs very little or is relatively low in price.  Who doesn't want to [...]

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Are Snow Guards Necessary?

I've heard the question, "Are snow guards necessary?" probably a hundred times over the past few years.  When I hear this question, it makes me think, "Why are you considering snow guards?"  If you have snow sliding off your roof that is causing damage, the easy answer is "Yes, snow guards are necessary for you."  [...]

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How to Install Panel Guard Snow Guard

In this video, Matt Riley demonstrates how to install the Sno Shield Panel Guard. Hi, I'm Matt with Sno Shield Snow Guards. Today we're going to show you how to install the Panel Guard Snow Guard. We're going to be using Surebond 190. And so first of all, we're going to prepare our area by [...]

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Protecting Your Plants and Shrubs During The Winter

If you are anything like me, you just passed Christmas and said, "Whoa! Where did the time go?" Judging by my last blog post (July...) you can see that time has flown past me. The other day I saw one of my friends lugging around some "A-Frame" plant protectors. I couldn't help but ask him, [...]

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Spring is Coming

Spring is coming!  Spring is a good time to buy snow guards.  Doing so will allow you to take time to plan and install your Sno Shield snow guards.  Planning early for the installation of your snow guards can save you money.  When you purchase early, our distributors often offer specials.  If you wait till Fall, everyone [...]

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New, All Metal Snow Guards

If you don’t already have snow where you live, chances are it’s on its way! Each year, business and property owners lose money to damage caused by large sheets of snow sliding off their roof and onto vehicles, landscaping, gutters, or—worst of all—pedestrians. Roof snow guards will allow all that snow and ice to melt [...]

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Adhesive Deadline

We are getting numerous calls about whether or not the SB-190 will still cure before the snow starts flying. If you live in a region where you think temperatures will reach 50º F (10º C) for atleast 12 to 14 more days, then go for it.  The days do not need to be continuous days either, they [...]

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YN-13 House by Morris Sato Studio

Sno Shield's Snow Guards were used on a house built by Morris Sato studio in New York.  You can read more about this house at, but here's a couple of photos showing our snow guards in use on the metal roof of a uniquely designed home.

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Clamp On Snow Guards versus Snow Fence

For a while snow fence and snow rail systems where considered the better option to Snow Guards. Some “experts” even said their products were so much more the superior because they only needed one row to keep snow and ice from sliding off a roof. Lately when I pass by large metal roofs I see [...]

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Peel & Stick Snow Guards

One of the most common questions I get asked is this; Do you sell the peel and stick snow guards?  My response to this question is always as follows; I can sell you peel and stick snow guards and then have you call me in one year and tell me that most of your snow [...]

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