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21st Century Business Marketing

Roofs and snow have been around since mankind first started roaming the earth; those of us in this trade are simply standing on the shoulders of the giants and great craftsmen who have gone before us--this trade is literally thousands of years old. But video marketing?... That's a different kettle of fish altogether! Yesterday we [...]

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Hurricane Sandy, Hail Storms, and Snow Season

We recently had a call from a domestic-use customer who informed us of their Sno Shield Rib Guard Snow Guards as out-lasting the roof itself after a freak hail storm hit the area... the Rib Guards remained intact, but unfortunately the roof needed replacing. Whether or not our guards could hold on during something like [...]

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YN-13 House by Morris Sato Studio

Sno Shield's Snow Guards were used on a house built by Morris Sato studio in New York.  You can read more about this house at, but here's a couple of photos showing our snow guards in use on the metal roof of a uniquely designed home.

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