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Snow Avalanches = Bad for your health :/

Several years ago in college I was in an international politics class where we were discussing the topic of "soft security" (i.e. not military or economic "hard" security matters); the subset of health security fell under this discussion, and we proceeded to list a range of health issues in the various countries we were assigned [...]

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21st Century Business Marketing

Roofs and snow have been around since mankind first started roaming the earth; those of us in this trade are simply standing on the shoulders of the giants and great craftsmen who have gone before us--this trade is literally thousands of years old. But video marketing?... That's a different kettle of fish altogether! Yesterday we [...]

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Employee Talent

Ever since retail giant Wal-Mart started naming its employees "associates" the whole of the Western business world has started to view workers as much more than just a name and number on the production line. In addition to delivering quality products and services for our customers, Sno Shield strives to build its business so that [...]

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Introducing the Pipe Diverter

Snow fall and ice forming on roofs is just a fact life for most folks in the winter time, and protruding from most roofs are chimneys, pipes, satellite devices, or other outlets of sorts, that even a conventional snow guard cannot protect adequately. As a result we are now producing and holding a new, logical, [...]

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Sno Shield Snow Guards: ★ MADE IN AMERICA! ★

What do Sno Shield Snow Guards, 3M Post-it Notes, Hanky Panky Lingerie, and Harley Davidson Motorcycles have in common?... ...They are all products of only a few in the world that are still MADE IN AMERICA! With the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama taking place in the nation's capital yesterday, our feelings as a nation [...]

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Hurricane Sandy, Hail Storms, and Snow Season

We recently had a call from a domestic-use customer who informed us of their Sno Shield Rib Guard Snow Guards as out-lasting the roof itself after a freak hail storm hit the area... the Rib Guards remained intact, but unfortunately the roof needed replacing. Whether or not our guards could hold on during something like [...]

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Be Safe this *WINTER*

Be sure to be safe this winter season! Since the dawn of time, mankind has battled through the elements to pass their wisdom and prosperity along to the next generation, so make sure that you make it through the next few months so that you can do the same. As the following video shows, overhanging [...]

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Cheap Snow Guards

Home owners and roofers are all searching for cheap snow guards these days.  If this is how you found our article, you need to be careful about how you define the word cheap.  Typically when searching for something cheap, customers are looking for something that costs very little or is relatively low in price.  Who doesn't want to [...]

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Are Snow Guards Necessary?

I've heard the question, "Are snow guards necessary?" probably a hundred times over the past few years.  When I hear this question, it makes me think, "Why are you considering snow guards?"  If you have snow sliding off your roof that is causing damage, the easy answer is "Yes, snow guards are necessary for you."  [...]

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Do Snow Guards Cause Ice Dams?

I get asked a lot, "Do snow guards cause ice dams?"  The quick answer is no, snow guards do not cause ice dams.  A snow guard, also known as ice guards, snow stops, snow cleats, pad style snow guards, and ice cleats hold snow and ice in place and keep it from building up in [...]

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