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Spring Time Application for Snow Guards

//Spring Time Application for Snow Guards

Spring Time Application for Snow Guards

Put on Sno Shield snow guards today. The last thing anyone wants to do is put Sno Guards on after the fact, whether that be damaged gutters, damaged property, or injured pedestrians. You could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on property damage if you take precautions now by evaluating how how well your business or home faired this last winter. Due to snow sliding off the roof were your gutters ripped off? Did it damage your outside air conditioning system? Were customers hurt? At Sno Shield, THE SNOW STOPS HERE!!

Why is now the best time to buy and apply our Sno Shield snow guard?

I would like to draw your attention to our Panel Guard and S. S. Mini. If you don’t want to penetrate your roof and you do not have a snap-lock metal roof, these are the best products for you. While the Panel Guard and S.S. Mini can be applied mechanically, meaning to screw them down, there is a second option, ADHESIVE. Scientifically adhesion is “the molecular force of attraction in the area of contact between unlike bodies that acts to hold them together” (1). For those of you who are not scientifically inclined this basically means I can take two unlike objects like a Panel Guard and a metal roof and permanently stick them together using adhesive…AWESOME!!

Adhesives are useful especially when it comes to attaching our Panel Guard to your roof. It will not penetrate your roof. It will not deform your roof (2). It allows the weight of the snow to be evenly distributed throughout the whole panel guard instead of creating stress points like the screw-down option. Lastly, the adhesive we use is UV resistant therefore it will not color discolor our products as the years go by.

While adhesives are useful, adhesion requires two things, clean surfaces and time. We recommend that before applying any type of adhesive to your roof “clean [the] roof surface with isopropyl alcohol here
[the] snow guard will be attached [then] ensure [that the] area is completely dry before attaching [your] snow guard. SB-190 requires a 28 day period of 50 degrees (F) or higher for full cure and for best results in adhesion.” As a side note, “90% strength is achieved in 12-14 days at 50 degrees (F) or above” Panel Guard & SS Mini Installation For Adhesive Attachment

Now is the best time to buy and apply our Sno Shield snow guard because time is on your side.

Whether it is 20 degrees or 80 degrees a metal roof can be cleaned but when the fall months come around a homeowner or business owner is not always guaranteed at least 12 to 14 days of 50 degree weather or above. While NOW, you have the next three plus months to unsure that your Panel guard or SS Mini will adhere to your roof and remain on your roof throughout the winter months.

Call us today and be prepared!!

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(2) 28 May 2014

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