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Common Snow Guard Installation Mistakes: Tips For Avoiding Costly Errors

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Common Snow Guard Installation Mistakes: Tips For Avoiding Costly Errors

To avoid the high cost of having someone else install a snow guard system, many homeowners opt to do the project themselves. The process is pretty easy and straightforward, and if the homeowner has some background in minor repairs, the project should go off without a hitch; however, there are still some common mistakes that are made. Avoiding the common mistakes can save homeowners time and money having to replace the work that they have already done and ensure that they have the protection that they need for their home.

Improper Spacing

Every package of snow guards will come with the manufacturer’s instructions for how the guards should be installed, including how far apart they need to be. These numbers are not just recommendations, they are tried and tested measurements that determine the optimal spacing to provide the best coverage, at the lowest price. Spacing the guards too far apart leaves parts of the roof vulnerable and homeowners wind up with large sheets of ice and snow sliding down their roofs when they thought the roof was protected.

Improper Measurement

Alongside the spacing issue, many homeowners underestimate how many guards they need for their home. Usually this is due to a mistake in the measurements taken before they place their order, and so they do not have enough guards to complete the job. It is very important that the homeowner order another box to finish the job, rather than trusting they can stretch the guards that they have to give the coverage they need.

Improper Setting

Since most high end snow guards are now made from polycarbonate materials, the recommended installation technique is a strong adhesive. This protects the roof from damage that might be caused by screwing the guards into the metal, and the quality adhesives are just as strong. Where homeowners fall short is not allowing the adhesive to set properly, and so the glue does not make the kind of bond that it needs to keep the guard in place. The adhesive might hold for a light snowfall, but the catastrophic failure will eventually occur, and the guards will come loose.

Homeowners must be sure to follow all of the instructions, including cleaning the area to be glued and set timers, so that their guards attach firmly. Common mistakes made during installation can be easily avoided. By following the instructions closely, homeowners can get the coverage they need during heavy snow, and save money by doing the work themselves.

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