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Yearly Archives: 2013


21st Century Business Marketing

Roofs and snow have been around since mankind first started roaming the earth; those of us in this trade are simply standing on the shoulders of the giants and great craftsmen who have gone before us--this trade is literally thousands of years old. But video marketing?... That's a different kettle of fish altogether! Yesterday we [...]

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Employee Talent

Ever since retail giant Wal-Mart started naming its employees "associates" the whole of the Western business world has started to view workers as much more than just a name and number on the production line. In addition to delivering quality products and services for our customers, Sno Shield strives to build its business so that [...]

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Introducing the Pipe Diverter

Snow fall and ice forming on roofs is just a fact life for most folks in the winter time, and protruding from most roofs are chimneys, pipes, satellite devices, or other outlets of sorts, that even a conventional snow guard cannot protect adequately. As a result we are now producing and holding a new, logical, [...]

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Sno Shield Snow Guards: ★ MADE IN AMERICA! ★

What do Sno Shield Snow Guards, 3M Post-it Notes, Hanky Panky Lingerie, and Harley Davidson Motorcycles have in common?... ...They are all products of only a few in the world that are still MADE IN AMERICA! With the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama taking place in the nation's capital yesterday, our feelings as a nation [...]

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