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Snow way that’s true?!

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Snow way that’s true?!

Trivial Pursuit–a game that is very much worthy of its name, is a pursuit of seemingly trivial facts and matters that are rarely useful in ever day life. Yet, every now and then you learn something cool enough that it sticks and becomes a useful and valuable morsel of knowledge in the future. Well, at Sno Shield, we try and learn a little bit about as much as possible so that we can better understand this amazing world that we live in, and better serve our customers and associates.

A well known piece of trivia informs us that no two snowflakes are alike, but that all are unique and formed different one to another–what a miracle and phenomenon!

Anyhow, we have compiled a list of useful snow facts for you on our Facts About Snow webpage, as well as linked to a list of facts that are more fascinating than useful. Whatever your core interests and passions are, take some time today to learn about that magical white stuff that falls from the skies above!


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