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Bring me Sunshine!

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Bring me Sunshine!

We love snow because it gives us great business, but you can’t beat a bit of warm sunshine to brighten up your day. For some folks in various parts of the country or world who live through a distinct snowy and a distinct sunny season each year, protecting roofed solar panels is something that can easily be omitted when thinking about seasonal roof protection.

The good news is that most conventional solar panel types are completely compatible with out panel guard and/or railing systems. Of course, given the slickness of glass or plastic surfaces against tile or metal roofs, the liability of avalanching snow falling is even greater than normal. In most cases, using a peel back adhesive panel guard and/or SB-190 sealant to secure your Sno Shield panel guard will be the most effective option for avalanche retention on your solar panels.

Given the nature of the glass panel materials, solar panels tend to conduct heat much more efficiently, thus melting the snow quicker than standard roofs, which is great because it clears the panels so they can start taking in more sunlight; however on that same token, snow retention is less stable and dangerous avalanches more likely.

In addition to protecting your property however, adding panel guards to your solar panel system may have added benefits beyond standard snow protection… the greater surface area and reflective material of the clear guard can magnify the sun’s rays and energy potential! Although originally designed to provide an efficient but sturdy surface area to dissipate the snow load, our panel guard’s unique (and aesthetic!) triangular design also provides an enhanced area for light absorption. While more of our own scientific tests would be needed to certify this characteristic, this British study on solar panel efficiency affirms the positive effect of reflective materials being used to increase solar panel output!

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