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Snow Avalanches = Bad for your health :/

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Snow Avalanches = Bad for your health :/

Several years ago in college I was in an international politics class where we were discussing the topic of “soft security” (i.e. not military or economic “hard” security matters); the subset of health security fell under this discussion, and we proceeded to list a range of health issues in the various countries we were assigned to study. Malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, cholera, and other diseases were commonly suggested, at which point the professor stopped and exclaimed “what about accidental death?… wouldn’t you agree that dying is a pretty severe health issue?!”

He went on to explain that many developing countries have much higher rates of accidental/premature death because (useful) bureaucratic structures, safety standards, and best practices are not made, held, or enforced (e.g. perhaps due to weak rule of law). This certainly made us all think about “health” in a very different and broader light–potholes along Main Street, overgrown trees, and even high fructose corn syrup started to then enter the discussion, and we realized that here in the West we have a fair amount of health hazards and safety issues that have very little to do with traditional disease and medication!

So, what does this have to do with snow guards? Well, as you watch the two clips below of snow avalanches in Scotland on both a residential and commercial property (no snow guards), you can see how being caught underneath one would be very bad for your health! Of course, over-regulation is not the answer to securitzing health for the masses, but an attitude of foresight and due diligence among the masses is. Make sure you are the one to use common sense in assessing your roof safety needs, and don’t get “caught under the weather” this winter season!

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