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Employee Talent

//Employee Talent

Employee Talent

Ever since retail giant Wal-Mart started naming its employees “associates” the whole of the Western business world has started to view workers as much more than just a name and number on the production line. In addition to delivering quality products and services for our customers, Sno Shield strives to build its business so that we can provide more meaningful jobs and gainful employment for willing and talented workers in the Idaho area.

Out on the shop floor this week we were pleasantly surprised to learn of one of our employee’s hidden graffiti-art talents rendered on the surface of one of the parts boxes he was working from. Not only does Ramon do a great job assuring the quality of your snow guard products, he also makes this task his own, and in the process shares his other talents with the rest of the Sno Shield team. While we’re not sure we’d get this tatooed on our arm, it’s certainly worth sharing in a blog post!

For all employers, remember to look after your employees and they will look after you, and to all employees, think not what your employer can do for you, but what you can do for your employer!

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