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21st Century Business Marketing

21st Century Business Marketing

Roofs and snow have been around since mankind first started roaming the earth; those of us in this trade are simply standing on the shoulders of the giants and great craftsmen who have gone before us–this trade is literally thousands of years old. But video marketing?… That’s a different kettle of fish altogether!

Yesterday we watched a TED presentation by Youtube analyst Kevin Allocca about how and Why Videos Go Viral; whether its Psy’s Gangnam style or a funny product ad, those that get their videos seen by the globe’s millions have their lives or businesses changed forever… or at least a few weeks! While 21st century style marketing is not our immediate area of expertise, fortunately some of our distributors are a little better experienced in this area than we are. Check out Roofthings’ great little clip on how to use and install our snow guards! And hey, if you want to make a product video for us that goes viral… then go for it! We certainly won’t complain!

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