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Sno Shield Snow Guards: ★ MADE IN AMERICA! ★

//Sno Shield Snow Guards: ★ MADE IN AMERICA! ★

Sno Shield Snow Guards: ★ MADE IN AMERICA! ★

What do Sno Shield Snow Guards, 3M Post-it Notes, Hanky Panky Lingerie, and Harley Davidson Motorcycles have in common?…

…They are all products of only a few in the world that are still MADE IN AMERICA!

With the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama taking place in the nation’s capital yesterday, our feelings as a nation have once again been turned towards this great land we live in; whether the inauguration got you excited for the United States, or even if it got you more worried about it, these wintery times of socio-economic hardship require us all to reflect deeply on the state of our own lives, our neighborhoods, and our country as a whole. We just about survived 2012, but domestic and global events have us questioning whether or not 2013 will be any better.

Fortunately however, there are some companies out there that are willing to wield the banner of American exceptionalism in positive ways that significantly boost the US economy, and Sno Shield is proud to be one of the few amongst them. We do not compromise in any degree the quality of our MADE IN AMERICA products, and look forward to an even greater year of business in 2013 not only for ourselves, but for you, our clients and customers across not only the United States, but Canada, and the rest of the world too.


For more articles on products made in America, go to Country Living, Huffington Post, and CNN Living.

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