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Be Safe this *WINTER*

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Be Safe this *WINTER*

Be sure to be safe this winter season! Since the dawn of time, mankind has battled through the elements to pass their wisdom and prosperity along to the next generation, so make sure that you make it through the next few months so that you can do the same.

As the following video shows, overhanging and unprotected roofs can pose a significant risk to life, limb, and valuable property. Without snow guards or railing of any kind, risk and liability are significantly increased, especially on steep roofs like the one shown in the video.

As you get in your car or vehicle this festive season to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas, be sure to be aware of not only what is over your head, but under your feet as well–drive safe, and don’t park too close to places where there’s a dangerous overhang with snow and ice!

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