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Cheap Snow Guards

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Cheap Snow Guards

Home owners and roofers are all searching for cheap snow guards these days.  If this is how you found our article, you need to be careful about how you define the word cheap.  Typically when searching for something cheap, customers are looking for something that costs very little or is relatively low in price.  Who doesn’t want to get a deal?  However, cheap can mean more than just low cost.  Consider the following three sentences for example:

  1. “Sno Shield would feel cheap if we made the mistake of selling you a bad snow guard.”
  2. “That snow guard did not have much thought put in to its design and construction, it has cheap workmanship.”
  3. “I bought some dirt cheap snow guards.  I got 20% off.”

As you can see there are several ways to use the word cheap.  More and more we are seeing snow guards made in China appear on the market here in the USA.  They range from polycarbonate to metal snow guards.  We believe this is a result of several things, but mostly as consumers none of us want to spend a lot of money if we can purchase something for less, and roofers want to make as much profit margin as possible while keeping their bids competitive.  When purchasing snow guards though it is VERY important to really think about whether or not it is good to purchase cheap snow guards.  If you knew you were going to be shot in the chest, would you buy a cheap bullet proof vest or would you do your research and purchase the best vest money can buy?  A bullet proof vest is similar to snow guards in that both of them are safety devices.  Make sure when you buy snow guards you are not buying a poorly manufactured guard as you will end up paying more in the long run when you have to replace your snow retention system.

Another thing to make sure of is that you do not go cheap on the number of snow guards your purchase.  You need to make sure that you purchase the correct amount of snow guards for your roof.  Too many snow guards and you are not being frugal, not enough and your snow retention system may fail becoming more dangerous than had you just let the snow slide off your roof on its own.  Many of the companies willing to sell you cheap snow guards are also willing to tell you that you do not need the correct amount of snow guards.  They are only in the business for a quick sell and have not invested in their product to ensure it is a long lasting, durable product.

We are here to declare that the best snow guards on the market today are made in the USA right here at Sno Shield.  By purchasing Sno Shield snow guards you are sustaining American jobs, lowering your risk, and receiving a superior snow retention system.


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