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What Is This Thing? “The Pyramid Pick.”

//What Is This Thing? “The Pyramid Pick.”

What Is This Thing? “The Pyramid Pick.”

Panel Guard Snow GuardI thought it might be fun to show some random people one of our Panel Guard snow guards and ask them the following questions just to see what people would come up with:

1.       What do you think this thing is used for?

2.       What do you think it is called?

3.       Who uses this product the most?

4.       How does it work?

Of the 25 people asked, the majority of them answered that it was some kind of bracket to hold a shelf on the wall.  Now I have heard people refer to snow guards as snow brackets, but typically you aren’t holding snow on the wall, unless it is some kind of Christmas decoration made from fake snow.  Some of the names they came up with included the EZ Shelf, Super Brace, Plastic Pyramid Support and The Wall Shoe.

About 50% of people thought it was a shelf of some sort, but more than one person thought it was a bookend, and a few more thought it was a corner straightener.  A corner straightener?  Hmm, it doesn’t even have 90% angles.  One person thought it looked like a tool for applying grout on tile floors and was the only one who guessed the industry correctly by saying it is used in construction.   

One awesome hippie said it was a device used for reflecting light and is called a Pyramid Mirror.  He acted as though he knew exactly what it was even though he had NO clue.  I personally think it’s funny when people try to act like they know what they are talking about, but don’t. 

My favorite response though was from a Canadian guy who called it the Pyramid Pick, claiming that this is a one of a kind guitar pick.  Only true guitar players who can deviate from the norm are able to utilize this guitar pick.  He said, “The pick has both a smooth and textured side, allowing for different types of sounds when using as a slide, a technique common in jazz music. It also gives the player the option to pick the string from multiple points, as it has 3 corners and 1 traditional picking edge.” 

After hearing his explanation I set out to find a guitar to play utilizing the Pyramid Pick.  It appears as though the Aussie indy-rocker  Josh Pyke has one:

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