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New, All Metal Snow Guards

//New, All Metal Snow Guards

New, All Metal Snow Guards

If you don’t already have snow where you live, chances are it’s on its way! Each year, business and property owners lose money to damage caused by large sheets of snow sliding off their roof and onto vehicles, landscaping, gutters, or—worst of all—pedestrians. Roof snow guards will allow all that snow and ice to melt gradually and prevent uncontrolled slides, and Sno Shield offers the most superior snow guards in the industry.

Sno Shield might be based out of the small town of Ammon, Idaho but their product can be found on roofs from California to Maine. Founded by roofers with 20 years’ experience, Sno Shield is the only manufacturer to offer polycarbonate-metal hybrid roof snow guards. In contrast to other guards that will rust, stain, fade, or become brittle in cold weather, Sno Shield guards can be combined with Color Armor™, allowing them to blend in inconspicuously and match the life of any metal roof. No rust. No staining. No fading. And all for about a third of the cost of traditional, unsightly metal snow fences.

And now Sno Shield is proud to offer their new, all metal snow guards, the Metal Mini. These will allow customers with shingle, slate, and shake roofs to enjoy all the benefits of a roof snow guard system.

Sno Shield is available through roofers and gutter installers, metal manufacturers, supply warehouses, and smaller lumber stores. You can find a local dealer here. It’s not too late to get your Sno Shield guards up and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your roof and property are cared for this winter, and many, many more to come.

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