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Adhesive Deadline

Adhesive Deadline

We are getting numerous calls about whether or not the SB-190 will still cure before the snow starts flying.

If you live in a region where you think temperatures will reach 50º F (10º C) for atleast 12 to 14 more days, then go for it.  The days do not need to be continuous days either, they can be spread over a month or two.  These conditions will allow a 90% cure rate which is the most critical factor. 
If that is too risky for those of you who want a guarantee, avoid the adhesive with our Rib Guard Snow Guards that attach to the standing seam rib.  They are easy to install any time of year.

Which ever products you choose, please be careful installing them.  We want you to enjoy the upcoming holidays, not be recovering during them.  Sometimes a hired professional isn’t as expensive as one might think.  Enjoy the beautiful fall colors.

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