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Clamp On Snow Guards versus Snow Fence

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Clamp On Snow Guards versus Snow Fence

For a while snow fence and snow rail systems where considered the better option to Snow Guards. Some “experts” even said their products were so much more the superior because they only needed one row to keep snow and ice from sliding off a roof. Lately when I pass by large metal roofs I see rows and rows of these superior products (snow fence systems) and always wonder if the cost of the snow retention system surpassed the roof. I guess those other guys realized something the snow guard industry has known for years. The best way to keep snow and ice from sliding off a roof is to hold it where it falls.

Clamp on snow guards like the Rib Guard by Sno Shield are so much more efficient than a rail / fence system. A row of Rib Guards is one third the cost of expensive snow rail / fence systems. The Rib Guard itself is the snow stopping device, so you don’t need a clamp, snow rail, additional bolts, and extra pieces that attach to the bar or pipe to keep snow from coming through the middle. All you need is a clamp on style Rib Guard by Sno Shield and you will have every bit as good of a snow barrier as any rail or fence system.

Rib Guard Snow Guards are installed using stainless steel set screws which trap the metal seam between the wall of the snow guard and the screw. They are easy to install and add curb appeal to your roof. If you want to add a little more color to the device or match your roof, you can order the parts with color injected polycarbonate or use our patented Color Armor System. If you have a standing seam metal roof, then you want to purchase Rib Guards to protect your investment.

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