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Peel & Stick Snow Guards

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Peel & Stick Snow Guards

One of the most common questions I get asked is this; Do you sell the peel and stick snow guards?  My response to this question is always as follows; I can sell you peel and stick snow guards and then have you call me in one year and tell me that most of your snow guards came off or I can sell you the right way to adhere snow guards to a metal roof.

If I was installing snow guards I would want to peel them and stick them to the surface as well, who wouldn’t? However, just because I want a quick solution doesn’t change the fact that peel and stick snow guards just don’t hold as well as properly adhered mount snow guards, or clamp on snow guards.

Yes, they CAN work “theoretically speaking” under the most perfect of circumstances, BUT, if it were my roof, or my warranty, I would want to make sure I had the strongest option possible.

The strongest adhesive I know of is SB-190.  It is the industry standard for adhesive mounted snow guards.   Like any adhesive you must make sure to have both surfaces clean before applying.  There are simple steps to follow for installing adhesive mount snow guards at the following link.

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but if we’re being honest then lets just say it, peel and stick snow guards come off as easily as they go on.  If you want to install a snow guard that will last then install a Sno Shield Snow Guard without peel and stick, if you still want peel and stick here’s a link to peel and stick snow guards.

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