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Snow! Snow! Snow!

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Wow, I think there were a few kids praying for a White Christmas this year.  If you live in the Mid West you know what I’m talking about.  Every now and then Mother Nature likes to remind us of the upper hand she has on us.  For those of you that have protected your homes with snow guards and are now worried about too much snow being held on your roof, this spot light is for you.

For those who live in areas where it is not uncommon to get a foot of snow in a single storm, the debate of how much snow to keep on your roof has always been an issue.  I guess it always will be because there is no quick and easy solution to accumulating snow loads on roofs.  With all of the options we now have for roofing applications and accessories there are definitely some benefits to all of these cool new products.  My personal opinion is to always protect what is under the roof eave.  We can always have our roof shoveled or cleared, but when a roof snow load releases we have no control over what damage it can do.

When I was a teenager I worked for my brother as a metal roof and gutter installer.  I will never forget one particular job we had in a ski resort town that is known for large snow falls.  As I was putting clips in a gutter adjacent to the house my brother was working directly under a large section of roof.  In our earlier years as installers we didn’t have much experience with damage from a releasing ice dam and didn’t think much of the 3 foot thick ice dam that lay over head.

As I worked in what was shaping up to be a beautiful sunny day I heard this rumbling that sounded as if the house was coming down.  I looked up to see my brother running as fast as he could away from the house.  I will never forget the picture of him running and the ice and snow that was falling at his heels as he desperately tried to get away.  I know my brother will never forget the feeling of escaping death and the home owner will probably never forget the damage caused to his beautiful Jaguar.

Your experience may not be as dramatic or as memorable, but if you never have one of these experiences then I can say I’ve done my job.  Sometimes we don’t see the damage until its bad enough that major repairs are required.  Some of the most expensive damage I’ve seen has been done from snow and ice packs sliding into other parts of the house and roof.  If you thought your roof was expensive the first time then don’t take a chance of having to replace because of sliding snow and ice.

If you are looking at snow guard products then I suggest Sno Shield Snow Guards.  We have more experience and knowledge than most manufacturers and we have put that knowledge and experience into our products.  I’m confident that if you compare our products side by side with others, you will find Sno Shields to be of a higher quality and a superior design.

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas Season and wish you and yours a Happy New Years.

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