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A common roofing blunder

A common roofing blunder

Not accounting for roof snow guards is usually one of the most common errors people make when installing a metal roof or re-roofing a home or business.  If you live in a snow or ice zone, be sure your property is protected by Sno Shield Snow Guards. 


Sno Shield Snow Guards are specifically designed to encompass aesthetics and strength.  We have patented the ability to cover our snow guards with the same material as your roofing application.  This ability allows us to match the color or your snow guards to the color of your metal roof. 


In this world of information overload, it can be difficult to find the right information to assist in purchasing the correct snow guards for your metal roof.  Don’t become overwhelmed by the many choices out there.  It is usually an easier process than it might first appear. Some companies want you to be confused with all the different roofing applications and which snow guard is right for each application so they can alter your buying behavior.  Don’t be bullied into the, “we were the first” therefore the best theory.  This is like saying, “I want to be using the first cell phone ever invented.”  Innovation is a good thing. 


If you are having snow and ice problems, don’t wait for a major disaster to happen before protecting your assets.  At Sno Shield we take the time to help you find the best snow guards for your metal roofing application, even if it means suggesting a different manufacturer.

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