Yellow-made-in-the-USAThe thing that sets our snow guards apart from the rest of the industry is our use of a one of natures strongest shapes, the triangle. Triangles possess a unique ability to bear large loads without deforming. Unlike rectangles which distort and collapse when pressure is applied to one side, a triangle will only collapse if the material fails.

Sno Rail & Fence

Sno Shield’s snow fence/rail systems are perfect for long roof spans where snow retention is needed.

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Pad-style Snow Guards

Pad-style snow guards are installed on both residential and commercial properties.

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Clamp-On Snow Guards

Clamp-on snow guards are used on many types of standing seam roofs.

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Custom Sno Rail/Fence

Our custom sno rail systems can accommodate the most unique roofscape.

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Color Armor Snow Guards

Our patented Color Armor is made specific to match individual roof colors.

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Pipe Diverter

Pipe diverters keep roof vents/pipes from being destroyed by avalanching snow.

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Common Snow Guard Installation Mistakes: Tips For Avoiding Costly Errors

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