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Snow Guards by Sno Shield

Snow guards manufactured by Sno Shield offer the best design of any on the market. The thing that sets our snow guards apart from the rest of the industry is our use of a one of natures strongest shapes, the triangle. Triangles possess a unique ability to bear large loads without deforming. A triangle will only collapse if materials fail, unlike rectangles which distort and collapse when pressure is applied to one side.

After spending years on roofs and seeing which snow guards fail, we determined the “L” shape was by far the weakest of them all. In a close second place were snow guards that have a large head and small base. These wing shaped devices were often bent and disformed. The last thing to watch out for when selecting snow guards for your roof is to make sure there are more than two set screws. If only two set screws are used then make sure they are not placed side by side, but rather above and below each other. When placed side by side, this creates a teeter totter and the sliding snow will slowly pull the set screws out of your roof creating small leaks.

For Roofers


Sno Shield snow guards and snow retention products are loved by roofers everywhere. All of our snow retention products were designed by roofers for roofers…

For Architects


As an architect you want your buildings to have style while meeting the functional needs of your clients. Utilize our snow stops with our patented color armor to achieve both…

For Home Owners

Home Owners

Many of our products are very simple to install and any do-it-yourself home owner with a little bit of coaching can get the job done. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask…

Innovative Snow Guards

Sno Shield Snow Guards

Sno Shield™ offers the only snow guards in the roofing materials industry that have the ability to combine polycarbonate and metal together into one product. Our adaptable line of snow retention products blend the functionality, reliability, and strength of polycarbonate plastic with the appearance, attractiveness, and decorative appeal of metal. The versatility of our products combined with the ability to customize and match each roof results in a superior snow retention system.

Color Armor™ is our unique, patent-pending snow guard cover that is made from the exact same material as the roof. This new product gives you the ability to cover polycarbonate snow stops with an attractive outer shell that matches the roofs color. Color Armor™ can be made from virtually any metal roofing material and powder coated in any color for a flawless match that lasts the lifetime of the roof.

Beyond the conventional snow stops, at Sno Shield we also offer snow retention in the form of a snow rail which is often referred to as a snow fence. Snow Rails are popular on commercial projects where larger spans of roofing need to have snow retention systems placed. We offer both a bolt down and standing seam clamp style snow fence.

If you are looking for the best defense against snow and ice, you have come to the right place. Whether you are a full-time roofer, architect, or the do it yourself home owner, we have an answer for you. Please use our tools above and to the right to find the right snow stop or snow fence to fit your snow retention needs.

Our snow retention systems are used all over the US and Canada to protect people and plants from dangerous sliding snow, as well as to help prevent additional hours of shoveling snow when snow falls off of the roof on to the driveway. You may burn almost 400 calories per hour shoveling snow, but you also burn time that you could be doing other things. Watch the following slide show and then take the necessary steps today to protect yourself and save you precious time by ordering Sno Shield’s products.

Sno Shield Features & Benefits

  • Designed by roofers from snow country
  • Can be matched to any color roof
  • Protect people, plants, and property
  • Help prevent law suits
  • Easy to install
  • Made in the USA

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Sno Shield Product Overview

Sno Shield Color Armor
Color Armor™ is our patent-pending cover that is made from the exact same material as the roof and powder coated to match. It allows you to cover a functional polycarbonate snow stop with an attractive outer shell creating a unique design for any roof...
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Polycarbonate Snow Stops
Our polycarbonate plastic snow stops are made from the same material airplane windows are made of to create a long lasting, strong snow stop. We offer the Rib Guard as a standing seam clamp on snow stop, the Panel Guard for metal roofs with valleys, and the SS Mini for those hard to install locations...Read More
Roof Clamps for Solar and Snow
Our roof clamps attach to the standing panel seam of a metal roof. Made from hardened steel, our roof clamps undergo a unique process to ensure longevity of the clamp. The SSRC is one of the most versatile attachment clamps in the roofing industry... Read More
Sno Shield Snow Rail Fence
Deck Mount Snow Railing, also known as pipe snow stops or pipe style snow retention is a continuous system in which one can use a single, double or triple railing (pipe) to hold back the snow and ice from avalanching off a roof system. Our deck mounted snow rails accommodate most roofing applications.Read More
The Best Defense Against Snow & Ice
At Sno Shield it is our goal to provide you with superior snow retention products for all your needs. Read our blog to find out more about our company.Read Blog